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The food that we eat affects our health completely and the department of Dietetics & Nutrition is the science that deals with the same.

Diet and nutrition play a very important role in our health. A proper diet that has all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals keeps us active and strong. Only a proper diet keeps us fit and gives us all the energy that we need to do daily tasks. Apart from the importance of a proper diet in normal life, the diet becomes a crucial element for patients that have certain medical conditions.

Different health conditions, disorders or diseases need proper care, treatment plus proper diet. A patient can not just eat whatever he wants, especially when he has certain afflictions. In this case, a patient has to get a proper diet by his dietician. Your dietitian will make a proper diet plan based on certain parameters.

The food that we eat affects our health completely and the department of Dietetics & Nutrition is the science that deals with the same The department of Dietetics & Nutrition deals and understands the need of the body and helps to choose a diet that keeps us fit. It also understands important nutrients that are required by the body during a certain medical condition.

At VishwaRaj Hospital, our expert team of dieticians consult patients with different issues like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, weight management, gastrointestinal disorders and so on. The note down the general food pattern of the patient and make a separate diet plan balanced with proper nutrition.

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Infrastructure at Dietetics & Nutrition Department

Understanding the importance of what you consume, the experienced team of consultants at the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at VishwaRaj Hospital helps patients understand the need for a holistic and essentially therapeutic diet based on their afflictions. Available at every rung of the healthcare system, the team uses a balanced approach of combining the palatability of foods with carefully measured quantities of intake to facilitate maximum nourishment for both children and adults alike.

The main equipment or technologies under this department is none other than our team of expert dieticians. They have in-depth knowledge of every disease and which diet plan is required by which patient. Our dieticians are always present to provide the best consultations and provide the best diet plan according to your medical condition.

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