Is stem cell therapy permanent?

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After you have gone through stem cell therapy, you can expect the process to show benefit for up to one year. The stem cell injected by your doctor will continue to form a new cell in the target area for that particular year. However, this does not mean that you will have to wait one whole year to see the result. Most patients can notice recovery in their condition in just one or two weeks after completing the therapy.

After the treatment, patients follow physical rehabilitation and other treatments as suggested by the doctor. So the basic answer to your question is whether the therapy is permanent or does not work on a long-term basis for patients with severe conditions. Degenerative disorders and injuries like soft-tissue injury and arthritis get worsen with time. Thus, an individual with this medical condition has only one option of surgical therapies.

Is stem therapy safe?

The therapy is usually a safe process as the doctor collects the stem cells from the patient. This collection reduces the risk factor of an unsolicited reaction. However, the common side-effects of the therapy are pain and provisional inflammation. As said earlier that stem cell therapy for arthritis is generally safe, but you may get exposed to risk in case of the following condition:

  • The doctor uses different stem cell-like pluripotent stem cells rather than an adult stem cell.
  • When the doctor combines your stem cell with other chemicals.
  • The doctor culture the stem cell collected by the patient and develop in the lab for a long time.
  • According to some studies, people after taking stem cell therapy are at the risk of developing tumors.

Can I get stem cell therapy?

The clinics also have run a couple of tests to judge the outcomes of stem cell. As per the reports of the testing, it has shown encouraging results. However, stem cell therapy isn’t for you if you have an infection, cancer, and blood-related health issues. But if you have been suffering from joint pain after twisting it or experiencing some injury or accident, then you can opt for stem cell therapy.

Many people go through months of tormenting pain after getting an invasive surgical treatment. So rather than struggling, you can cure your common shoulder injury by stem cell therapy. The therapy needs only a few weeks to show its effect. In stem cell therapy, the doctor injects stem cells in the targeted area, which keeps acting and recovering for one year. You will see the benefits of stem cell therapy for your joint pain when you try it by replacing the invasive surgery process.


If going through pain medicines, surgery, and topical treatments, it needs years to cure the disorder. You have to bear the problem along with your medical condition until it gets better. That is why stem cell therapy is better as it shows its result in two or three weeks and is a less intensive option. It now offers you the treatment of rotator cuff tears and arthritis, which generally has limited treatment options.

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