Dr. Namdev Jagtap

Dr Namdev Jagtap
Dr. Namdev Jagtap
Internal Medicine
Senior Consultant - Internal Medicine

Dr.Namdev Jagtap is a patient-focused Physician specializing in Diabetology. He has a caring approach to patients and is persistent in finding the best treatment options available for his patients.

Special interests

• The doctor is specialised in the following
• Involved in all aspects of patient care including, detailed history and physical exams, treatment plans, prescribing medications, ordering and interpreting lab and diagnostic studies.
• Management of chronic medical illness such as diabetes thyroid disease, obesity, liver disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, back pain, chronic pain Managed pre-operative and post-operative anticoagulation medication maintenance.
• Diagnostic studies include ECG, echocardiogram, stress echo and myocardial perfusion scan.
• Also Evaluation and treatment of acute illness including pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma exacerbations, sinusitis, UTI and gastroenteritis.


• MBBS from MIMS Medical College, Latur.
• Doctor of Medicine from B. J. Government Medical College, Pune.


• House officer in Medicine at B J Govt Medical College.
• Sr. Residence in Medicine at Govt Medical College.
• Chief Resident in Medicine from Govt. Medical College.
• ICU Assistant at Inamdar Hospital.
• Assistant Professor in Govt. Medical college.
• Consultant at Noble hospital.
• Sr. Consultant from VishwaRaj Hospital, Pune.


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2.Evaluation of Effectiveness of Buprenorphine for Post Operative Analgesia in Terms of Duration, Quality and Side Effects by Different Routes of Administration: in IJSS Journal of Surgery
3. Comparative Study between General Anaesthesia and Combined General Anaesthesia with Spinal Anaesthesia in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: International Journal of Scientific Study
4. Comparison of Postoperative Analgesia after Single Shot Caudal Epidural Block Using Bupivacaine With or Without Clonidine in Children: in IJSS Journal of Surgery
5. Allo immunisation in Sickle Cell Disease with Anaemia and Pregnancy: A Case Report: in International Journal of Scientific Study.

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