How do you Keep your Kidney Healthy?

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A kidney performs many significant functions like eliminating waste, impurities from the blood, and excess water. The body stores these waste products first in the bladder, and then it expels it out of the body through urine. Furthermore, it also regulates the pH level, potassium level and salt in the body. It produces hormones that control the level of blood cells. 

Thus, to carry out such vital processes, you need to take care of your kidney. By keeping it healthy, you can regularly filter the body’s waste and smoothly perform all other functions.

Tips to keep your kidney healthy

Here are some ways how you can keep your kidney healthy:

Exercise regularly

Regular physical exercise can help maintain weight and cure blood pressure problem. But look out for how intense your workout is and do it in control to not be under any stress of any kind. Thus, if you are pressurizing yourself when not in good condition, you can create a lot more problems. 

However, you need extra care if you are a high-risk heart patient. If you are suffering from high-risk heart disease, go for a morning walk or consult a physician. A physician can guide you for a good workout session.

Stay hydrated

It would be best if you stay hydrated this means drink water but up to a limit. Please don’t overdo it; it may backfire. So what is the safe amount of water you should drink per day? It’s appropriate to drink about 4-6 glass in a day. You can check the amount of water you are drinking is enough by noticing your pee’s colour if it is pale yellow or clear, it’s okay. But if it’s dark yellow, drink more water.

Take medicine on time.

Take medicine on time and as per the recommendation of your doctor. Be aware of the long-term treatment you take to treat your kidney problem; it can be harmful. Moreover, medicine like high-dose painkiller ibuprofen and prescription like lithium can be highly addictive.

No smoking

Smoking is bad news for a lot of organs, especially the kidney. It is also bad for the blood that flows to different organs, including the kidney. Smoking has adverse effects on the meds you take for high blood pressure. So it is essential to quit even if you have tried a lot of time in the past.

Eat healthily

Commonly, the reason behind the kidney problem is the effects of other medical condition. The medical condition includes diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. So to control these diseases you need healthy food diet. Proper food helps you maintain your weight and blood pressure as well. By treating diabetes and blood pressure, you can keep your kidneys healthy.


The primary way to keep your kidney health is to take care of your whole body. Stay away from all the toxic habit like drinking and smoking, and it will put no strain on your kidney. Even though if you experience some issue relating your kidneys consult a doctor.

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