Is Joint Replacement Permanent?

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The joint replacement doesn’t last forever. Eventually, it wears out as it is made of plastic or metal. These substances do not usually have a longer life. It just like when you replace your car’s tire, and after a point, the rubber tears off. However, they may last quite longer than expected. The knee and hip are the most widespread replaced joints.

About 2.6 million knees and hip replacements occur in the year. This replacement is seen to stay for a long time. But everyone wants an estimated period up to which the relief lasts. Joint replacement is not something we want to risk.

What Survey shows

According to surveys help in different parts of the world, most of the joint replacement surgery lasts for more than twenty years. The researchers studied that the joints which were replaced moved smoothly even after twenty years. However, the aim is to achieve a few decades of the proper functioning of the joints.

In contrast to the above details where some patients experienced decades of smooth functioning, there were also bad experiences. The people had to consider revision just after a few years of their joint replacement surgery. Revision of joint replacement surgery means going through second joint replacement surgery. To improve joint replacement longevity result, many implant manufacturers are continuously trying to make a better implant. The implants are usually used for few times to check if it lasts long or not.

Factors affecting the time period

There have been hundreds of analyses regarding the longevity of joint replacement. There is no such rule to the relief that will last for a particular person. However, some factors can affect the longevity to some extent:

●  Patient’s age: Younger patients require a longer time for their joint replacement to last. So if you are going through joint replacement before 50 years, then you will require revision. This effect is also because younger people are more active and engage in more movement activities.
●  Patient’s weight: If you are overweight, all your body pressure falls on joints. Thus it can put stress upon your replaced joints. So to save yourself from going through another replacement, you need to exercise daily. A healthy activity can increase the life of your joint replacement.
●  Patient’s activities: Some activities are not recommendable after you have gone through joint replacement. Even then, if you do, you may not see its effect at once. But eventually, it will cause your joint replacement to wear off.


After looking at the above details, it is evident that joint replacement lasts longer than expected. Hence to enhance its longevity, you need to adopt healthy activities and active life. Light exercises, regular cycling, and other activities can help a lot in the process. It is always good to stay healthy to avoid major surgery. However, if you are fit enough to go through with joint replacement; it can relieve pain to a large extent.

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