What should you not do before an MRI?

Just like any other diagnosing process, there are some things that you need to take care of before going for an MRI scan. MRI scan is a medical imaging process used in Radiology.

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However, there are minimal and general requirements that you need to follow before the process. It is normal to get nervous if you are going for MRI for the first time but don’t worry, we will explain all the don’ts to you.

Make sure to keep following things in mind before going for an MRI scan:

  • Maybe not drink or eat

In some MRI cases, the doctor will ask you not to eat or drink before your MRI scan. The appropriate hours that you should not eat or drink is four hours before the process. However, sometimes it may not be necessary. This decision usually depends on the part of the body the doctor is diagnosing and also the medical condition.

  • Do not wear any metal on the body

It is better not to wear any metal before coming to the diagnostic center. If not, you will have to remove it all and keep it all in a safe. This requirement usually distracts the patient’s mind, so it is advisable to leave it at home. In addition to the ornaments, you also have to remove watches, bracelets, dentures, wigs, and hearing aids. The technologist asks you to remove the wig because some of it contains a small amount of metal.

  • Don’t get any new piercing

Since you have to remove all the body piercing before the scan, it is not a problem for healed places. But for a new piercing area, it can be challenging as it has not healed yet. To avoid any problem with your new piercing, it’s best to postpone it after your MRI is over.

  • Don’t lie to your doctor

If your doctor asks you for a particular task or avoids you from doing a thing before your MRI scan, don’t disregard him. Moreover, if he asks you to take some medicine or stop any old habits or exercise daily, do as told. Ignoring him or telling him lies that you have done as asked can bring complication. Hence your MRI will not go smoothly, hampering your result. Remember, the doctor knows better.

  • Don’t mix-up your schedule

If your doctor prescribes a routine that is essential for your MRI, do follow it. But make sure it does not disrupt your schedule. Ask your doctor or physician if you are having any trouble. Try to maintain the program, as usual; it could be. Continue the medicines as you usually do and carry out the exercise you would do on average days. Maintaining the doctor’s suggestion with a daily schedule helps you keep the habits for a long.


If you follow the above points, you do not need to worry about your MRI process. It is a Radiology Technique that is straightforward and will be over in no time. However, if you have any further doubts, you can ask your doctor. Remember not to keep anything to yourself; always inform the doctor if any confusion.

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