Is Retinal Damage Permanent?

Options for curing retinal damage

The innermost layer of the eye that helps absorb light is the retina. It contains a light-sensitive cell and nerve that carries information from the eyes to the brain. Moreover, it has two-part rods and cones where rods control low-light vision and cones maintain bright-light vision. However, due to the medical condition, the retina may get damaged. 

Thus, early treatment of the disease can ensure restoration of the vision. Moreover, the time it takes to treat retinal damage depends on the severity of your condition. However, there are chances that your retina may never recover completely.

Options for curing retinal damage

There are a couple of options for treating retinal damage. The doctor can also combine one or more treatment to treat retinal damage:

  • The doctor may insert gas or air to treat retinal damage.
  • Performs vitrectomy, a surgery of removing vitreous fluid.
  • Insert medications inside the eye.
  • Laser surgery.
  • Perform cryopexy, extreme cold therapy for treating retinal tears.
  • Carrying out photocoagulation, a laser treatment.
  • Do retinal prosthesis. This process helps to restore eyesight that has gone blind. The doctor implants an electrode chip in the retina of the patient. This chip receives information from a camera connected to your eyeglasses.
  • The doctor may perform treatment of the medical conditions causing the defect.
  • You can change your diet and everyday lifestyle to increase the strength of the retina.

The repairing process of retinal detachment

There are different types of surgery to repair the retinal detachment. The doctor performs cryotherapy or laser treatment by freezing a tear from the retina. However, other retinal problems require different treatment and different states of anesthesia. The doctor analyzes the severity of the condition and accordingly selects the procedure.

Pneumatic retinopexy: One of the methods for treating retinal damage is pneumatic retinopexy. In this treatment, the doctor inserts a gas bubble in your eyes. The bubble puts pressure on the damaged retina and places it back to the origin. Afterward, a laser treatment attaches the retina nicely in its place. After some days, the gas bubbles dissolve after carrying out its purpose.

Scleral buckle: This treatment is adopted when your condition is severe. During the procedure, the doctor winds up a band-aid around your eyes. This band-aid counteracts the force that is making the retina force out of its appropriate place. The fluid behind retina drains out, leaving the retina free to fall back at its original location.

Vitrectomy: This treatment helps to treat severe retinal detachment. This process may include partially eliminating vitreous fluid in the eye. To perform the process doctor may give you local anesthesia. The doctor usually carries it out in a surgical clinic.


The success of treating the retinal damage depends on the severity of tears and the percentage of detachment. Moreover, it also depends on the amount of scar tissue formed in your retina. However, if the macula does not suffer any damage, you can restore your vision quickly. But it will not be as before; the percentage is usually 20/200. Additionally, it takes several months to correct your vision completely.

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