Reasons when your doctor may recommend a CT scan?

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When people suffer from any damage, injury, or sickness, they visit a doctor. They tell all their symptoms to the doctor. And most of the time, the doctor can find out your cause just by your symptoms. However, there is a time in which the doctor needs the assistance of diagnostic picturing. It is to know what the problem is.

Five reasons why you need a CT scan

The doctor recommends a CT-scan when he wants to examine parts of your body for better understanding internally. In addition to this, there are many more reasons for it. They are:

1. Diagnosing Blood vessel

A Physicians can examine any blockages or other potential problems in the blood vessel through a CT scan. The image that the doctors get from CT scan enables them to get the required information. This information helps in knowing how to reinforce a diagnosis of vascular disease without invasive techniques. Thus, the doctor can avoid invasive exploratory surgery or surgical biopsy.

2. Finding soft tissue damage

Unlike x-rays, a CT scan provides a clear image of the body’s skeletal structure along with its surrounding soft-tissue. So, if you are suffering from any injury or damage to your soft tissue, the doctor will suggest a CT scan. The reports of the CT scan will guide him to give you a better treatment plan.

3. Diagnosing abdominal area

During a CT scan of your abdomen, the nurse will give you barium as a contrast dye. This dye brightens up some part of the inner organs to get a clearer picture of it. It is difficult to get a clear picture of the kidney, liver, gallbladder, uterus, and ovaries. The insertion of intravenous iodine-based dye enables the doctor to diagnose abdominal tissue by redefining the image. The doctor can diagnose the following:

• Abdominal pain
• Kidney stones
• Abdominal mass
• Abnormal weight loss
• Possible blockage in the large and small intestine.
• Inflammation inside the intestines.

The study through which doctors evaluate the bladder, kidney, and uterus is called CT urology.

4.Testing small bones

Your hand and feet’ bone are too small. So if you suffer from any injury in these bones, it is difficult to identify them through a CT scan. Thus, your doctor recommends a CT scan to get a crystal clear picture to treat better.

5.Investing tumours

When there is a possibility of a tumour before jumping to surgery, the doctors recommend a CT scan. CT scan is the first step to every tumour treatment. The more physicians can find the tumor’s exact location, the more efficient the treatment will be. It also finds if there is any relation of the tumour with the surrounding tissue. If yes, it will help the doctor improve the surgical result.


Apart from the other reasons mentioned above, there are much more to why you need a CT scan. CT is now necessary for diagnosing almost every treatment. With the advancement of science, it’s gaining much importance. So, if your doctor recommends a CT scan, you should do it without a second thought.

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